Primal Focuses

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Gigantic, mysterious, and seething with raw primal power, the six Primal Focuses were created by the Eldan, but neither Exile nor Dominion scholars are entirely sure why. All that is known for certain is that each focus is home to one of the six massive, godlike beings called the Primevals.

The Focus of Air

The Focus of Air floats over the windswept, Exile-settled region of Galeras. It is not far from the ancient Osun city called Thayd, and dominates the sky above the territory controlled by the Stormwing Falkrin brood. It is the home of Osiric, the Primeval of Air, and the only other beings who visit the structure are his Falkrin Brides. It is the only one of the six Focuses on Nexus that is physically disconnected from the surface.