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Probes are the most versatile of all Eldan constructs. Outfitted with a vast array of surveillance and analysis equipment, Probes are often deployed to gather intelligence and field data when a threat is recognized. Engineered for speed and maneuverability, Eldan Probes propel themselves through the air utilizing a compact anti-gravity drive, allowing it to execute precise movement on any directional axis.

The Probe's armored carapace houses a hyper-advanced optical mechanism that allows it to resolve images at the molecular level, with numerous filters designed to comprehensively analyze the physical properties of its target. Along with these impressive surveillance capabilities, Probes are also outfitted with energy weapons and a precision optic targeting system--providing the Probe with the ability to adequately defend itself while collecting data.

SECRET SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES: When deployed, Probes automatically create a virtual neural network with other Probes in their vicinity, greatly expanding their surveillance and analysis capabilities.[1]