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Rocks is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Levian Bay.

Lore entry

[This specialty publication is designed to appeal to the baser instincts of a largely Granok readership.]

ROCK TALK: Your rockin' correspondence.....002
IGNEOUS Nights: Pictorial.....006
INTERVIEW: Krag Studrock rocks our world!.....012 METAMORPHICA: Lava-hot fiction by erotic powerhouse "Rocknonymous".....022 CHIPS, FLAKES, AND GRAVEL: All the news an pix that wouldn't fit.....036



Long time reader, first time writer.

Been a fan of Rocks for a long time, especially the letters page, but never thought I'd have any kinda experience worth writin' in about, ya know what I mean?

The first thing I noticed about her was her shine. Real polish on this one, reflective in all the right places with a walk that makes a fella feel metamorphic and boulders like I ain't seen since the War of Gnox. I was on guard duty and hadn't seen any trouble all night until she walked up.

"Hey there... lieutenant?" she asked me.

"Ha! Do I look like a stinkin' Dommie? I'm just an old-fashioned merc trooper. Don't call me "lieutenant,' I work for a livin'."

"Good," she purred, and the moon glinted off her shiny, light-blue shoulders in a way that left nothin' to the imagination. "Because I got a job for ya, soldier."

I never seen rocks move like that, but a few seconds later, guard duty was the last thing on my mind.

[The text reads CONTINUED ON THE NEXT PAGE, but the text reader appears to be stuck on the page.]


This journal can be found in Greyshore in a camp next to the beach at (-2510.32 -5138.90).

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