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STRATEGIC ANALYSIS: Star-Comm Station is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Levian Bay.

Lore entry

Prepared for the Widow by Agent RM-86

Initial reports indicate we were beaten to the punch on this one. I accept full responsibility for this oversight and will freely accept whatever punishment you deem necessary, my lady. It is my hope that the information I was able to acquire from the Dominion's data networks will ameliorate the situation.

ITEM 1: We have confirmed that the infamous Lady Artemis Zin, as well as her aide, the Draken man-at-arms Kevo, are at the Star-Comm Station facility. We believe this is definitely related to her publicly state ambitions to discover a famous Eldan artifact.

ITEM 2: We have ascertained that this artifact, the so-called "Elder Cube," may well be contained within Star-Comm. Unfortunately, at this time we have no reliable way of accessing the facility. We are working on infiltration for more reliable information in this regard. The best bet at this time appears to be a mechanical infiltrator, but I fear that a standard spybot - even in disguise - would stand out amid the many Eldan constructs still functioning in the area.

ITEM 3: As the name seems to imply, much of this facility appears geared toward communication. But communication with whom? I do not believe even Lady Zin has figured this out. Yet.

[This remainder of this report summarizes the specific technical details the Black Hoods' agents used to acquire this data and could reveal some leaks in the Dominion's secrecy apparatus.]


This journal can be found in Greyshore in a text before boarding the ship to leave the zone at (-2524.21 -4899.26).