Scare 'Em Silly

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Scare 'Em Silly
Location: Shade's Eve (Illium)
Part of: Shade's Eve tasks
Level: 12 (1)
Start: Maestro Mundus
End: Maestro Mundus
1 UI CRB Coin Silver.png 21 UI CRB Coin Copper.png
5 Shade Silver

Scare 'Em Silly is a Dominion Shade's Eve quest. It is obtained in Illium by speaking with Maestro Mundus in the Parade Grounds.


Maestro Mundus in Parade Grounds wants some help spreading fear throughout the city during Shade's Eve. Use the fright kit he's provided to scare folks silly in the Luminous Gardens.


More info

Why do you want to scare people?
This dread festival memorializes a perilous plague. Revelry is important, but so is the instigation of insidious anxiety. My plan is to parlay this party into panic!

Who are you, exactly?
I am merely a... concerned party to the events of this most evocative evening. Mua ha ha ha! Oh, don't mind me. Just some horrifying holiday humor.

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