Skeech Science

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Skeech Science is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Levian Bay.

Lore entry

[An analysis of sorts carried out by what passes for a Skeech intellectual regarding the origins of the Star-Comm facility and its true purpose.] Skeech SKEECH Skeech power! Skeech space Skeech SKEECH gods Skeech OLD gods Skeech Skeech Skeech! Skeech Skeech GREEN Skeech Skeech SKEECH, Skeech SKEECH lightning burn Skeech!

Skeech Skeech strange Skeech Skeech SKEECH vines Skeech power! Skeech Skeech vines Skeech feed Skeech SKEECH god-thing! SKEECH Skeech GOD-THING Skeech AWAKEN Skeech SKEEch Skeech! Skeech SKEECH Skeech stars! Skeech big green Skeech SKEECH! CUBE Skeech SKEECH! Skeech Skeech Skeech.

Skeech SkeechSkeech-perimental SKEECH!


This journal can be found in The Elder Vault in Engineering Sublevel Theta on the east side of the main chamber at (-2673.26 -5965.00).