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Enormous amoeba-like creatures of varying shapes and sizes, the monstrous scavengers known as sludgeons are found in many diverse environments on Nexus - even in the orbiting Halon Ring. THey resemble large gelatinous blobs, but contain pieces of bone, metal, and other dtrius that give sthem partilly solid bodies and the semblance of heads, faces, and limbs. Very dangerous and seemingly mindless, sludgeons appear to operate solely on instinct.


No one on Nexus is entirely certain where sludgeons come from. The most widely accepted hypothesis, difficult to prove, is that sludgeons are biological mutations caused by raw primal energy - mutations that caused increased size in usually microscopic organisms. This does not explain why they invariably absorb bones from their victims which give them the appearance of endoskeletal bodies, but could shed light on how and why they are so easily manipulated by primal power.

Oozing Sludgeons

Scans indicate that local conditions are somewhat deleterious to the amoebic horrors known as sludgeons, and that the specimens identified as oozing sludgeons appear to actually be breaking down at a molecular level. This rate of breakdown, however, is in a state of near-equilibrium with the sludgeon's own innate ability to absorb inguries to its protoplasmic body.