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Considered by many to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing creatures found on Nexus (or its moons), steamgliders resemble ornate flying sea creatures. Their lightweight bodies are filled with trace amounts of primal air which they use to stay aloft, relying on their fins to make adjustments in direction and elevation. They are believed to feed on microscopic airborne life forms, though it is also possible they draw energy directly from the sun.

Physical Description

Steamgliders look much like beautiful and delicate tropical fish, with wide, short-toothed mouths, four simple eyes, and five pairs of long, flowing wing-fins that give them the appearance of constantly "swimming" through the air. Win-fins are not true wings, however, for steamgliders actually stay aloft thanks to tiny gas bladders in their abdomens that contain trace amounts of primal air - the wing-fins are for flight control. They come in a variety of unusual colors as a result of absorbing microscopic particles during respiration.