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Disambig.png This article is about the creatures and life forms. For the Drop of the same name, see Patch 7/01/2014.

Strain creatures are a sentient species and enemies.

The Strain refers to the collective group of corrupted creatures, humanoids, and other living organisms who serve the dark force known as the Entity. These creatures are mutated abominations, often with enhanced physical attributes, defensive capabilities, and unique attacks. Within the Strain, there are creatures of both the sentient and bestial variety. All serve the Entity and its goal of transforming and "perfecting" life on Nexus, via the bio-phage. Strain creatures are capable of spreading bio-phage corruption with a single bite, though more powerful Strain servants are able to corrupt objects, their environment and other creatures through abilities.

Physical description

Most Strain creatures are horrifying to behold, with mutated appendages, grotesque bodies, and a general putrescence as a result of the bio-phage that permeates their bodies. Extra eyes, claws, and hardened carapaces also commonly develop in Strain creatures.


The techno-phage is a nanotech form of bio-phage corruption which can infect and transform technology into servants of the Strain. The techno-phage allows the Strain to control Eldan technology, including everything form massive Eldan Annihilators to the titanic weapons inside Grimvault. The techno-phage is a constant danger to all machines, especially technological forms of life like the Mechari and Freebots.


Corruption is a biomechanical process used by the Entity to transform organisms according to its dark and twisted designs. Through the process of corruption, organisms are transformed into mutated abominations with enhanced physical attributes, defensive capabilities, and unique devastating attacks. Once corrupted, an organism is susceptible to control - whether by the Entity itself, or its more powerful minions such as the Skurge.


The Entity achieves the process of corruption through the use of the bio-phage - a dark and viscous substance that infects organisms and initiates the process of corruption. The bio-phage carries microscopic organisms that are responsible for transforming the host, resulting in biologic growths and anomalies that enhance the creature's physical abilities.

Like any disease, most organisms have some natural defenses against the bio-phage, but the strength and toxicity of the substance is extremely difficult to resist for long, and most creatures succumb to its ravages if exposed.