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A structure known colloquially to the Exiles as the "Eldan Tower" of the Northern Wilds, the Stratospire is indeed of Eldan origin - but it is no mere lookout tower. By employing the energy of loftite crystals found naturally in the Northern Wilds, the Stratospire had a direct and drastic effect on the local atmospheric conditions until recently. In fact, it appears to have been an Eldan experiment left unattended since their disappearance. Since it was in continuous operation for so long, its effect blanketed the entire area in snow and ice.

Eldan Structures

Eldan structures similar to the Stratospire may still be found all over the planet Nexus, though any other tower with the same specific function as the one in the Northern Wilds has yet to be discovered. Now that the malfunctioning Stratospire has been rebooted, however, it is sure to be studied even more intently by researchers from the Exile Academy of Science.