Supply Officer Windward

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Supply Officer Windward is a Quartermaster located in Settler's Reach, Northern Wilds. He is the only merchant in the zone, and the one that new players are most likely to meet first.


Level: 5

Health: 550

Type: Fodder


Weapons - Level 5 Light Armor - Level 5 Medium Armor - Level 5 Heavy Armor - Level 5
Crude Iron Greatsword Cloth Shirt Leather Jacket Rigid Vest
Crude Iron Claws Simple Shoes Modest Leather Shoes Armored Boots
Crude Iron Psyblade Cloth Gloves Leather Gloves Hardened Gauntlets
Crude Iron Heavy Gun Cloth Hood Modest Leather Brim Armored Coif
Crude Iron Static Plates Canvas Pants Leather Pants Reinforced Pants
Crude Iron Pistols Simple Epaulets Leather Spaulders Rigid Posture


Supply Officer Windward is a dark skinned, aged male. He has grey hair, and a bushy beard. His eyes are brown.