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The capital city of the Exiles, Thayd accurately represents the people who inhabit it: a mix of wildly different ideologies and cultures all thrown together, forced to use whatever they could find and cram it in whatever space they can get--in this case, the ruins of an ancient Osun city.

Academy Corner[edit | edit source]

The Academy Corner is the center of Exile Academy of Science (XAS) activity in Thayd. Aside from the researchers bustling about, and the ever-present hologram of the Focus of Air, things that might be of interest to you include:

  • The Crafting Stations, located just up a flight of stairs and a ramp
  • The Guild Registrars
  • The Protostar Dye Specialist, located just across the grill place

FCON HQ[edit | edit source]

A planetside headquarters for the Free Companies of Nexus, this area is filled with training dummies, shooting ranges, and tanks and military equipment on stand-by. Amenities include:

  • Training Dummies--comes in Weak, Strong, and Raid varieties
  • The PvP Vendors
  • The Transmat Beacon

Deadeye Brightland is also seen here frequently with his dog, Grim.

Lair of the Black Hoods[edit | edit source]

The base for the (public) operations of the Black Hoods in Alizar. Aside from the cells in the center where interrogators question prisoners, amenities include:

  • The Dan's Dancer Evolution machine, for the challenge of the same name
  • The Black Hoods bar, because even agents need to wind down from time to time

Alchemist's Maze[edit | edit source]

Deep in this labyrinth of collapsed ruins, you will find the Alchemist's Guild going about their business. Best not to ask what it is, exactly. Non-guild persons might find themselves wandering these paths if they are looking for Victor Lazarin, and his daughter, Lucy Lazarin.

Walker's Landing/Walker's Bluff[edit | edit source]

Said to be where Dorian Walker first made planetfall, up a very long walk up some ramps near Alchemist's Maze, you will find the final resting place of the Blue Horizon, now a hands-on museum where you can ooh and aah at the wondrous artifacts of Nexus.

Adjacent Regions[edit | edit source]


Celestion Thayd Galeras

Lore[edit | edit source]