The Pioneering League

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The Pioneering League
Location: The Gambler's Ruin
Part of: The Gambler's Ruin tasks
Path: Settler
Level: 2
Start: Settler Vales
End: Settler Vales
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Disambig.png This article is about the path mission. For the organization, see The Pioneering League.

The Pioneering League is an Exile settler path quest It is obtained on The Gambler's Ruin by accepting a holocall from Settler Vales after leaving the Medbay.


Settler Vales of the Pioneering League has asked you to meet him at the Rockin' Rowsdower so he can introduce himself.


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Who're you?
I'm Vales, and I'm with the Pioneering League.

The Pioneering League? What's that?
We're the ladies and gents who are going to help settle Nexus for the rest of the Exiles. I sure hope I can count on you to help out.


Completing this quest unlocks the first settler mission, Rockin Rowsdower.

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