The Shiniest Shinies

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The Shiniest Shinies
Location: Ellevar
Path: Explorer
Type: Scavenger Hunt Scavenger Hunt

The Shiniest Shinies is an explorer scavenger hunt mission.


Help Treasure Hunter Figli recover some shinies buried in northern Ellevar.

Follow the directions on a Lopp treasure map and dig up treasures that can secure the goodwill of the Glitterfur Far-Traders.


Treasure Hunter Figli can be found under a canopy in the Glitterfur Caravan at (-2634.32 -3793.52).


1st Clue: Hunt-Master Farlo says he dug up shinies near big rocks!

2nd Clue: Treasure Hunter Migsi writes, "Shinies buried by glowy mushrooms!"

  • Eastern Highlands - A set of blue mushrooms and green mushrooms next to a rock at (-2442.84 -4039.13)

3rd Clue: Shaman Big-Fur went on dreamquest. Saw shinies under tree roots. Pick up tree roots and find out!


You great hero! Return shiniest shinies to Glitterfur Far-Traders. Time to celebrate. Big party!

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