Thicket Tier 2 FABkit

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Thicket Tier 2 FABkit
Thicket Tier 2 FABkit
A component required to build a Thicket Tier 2 on your land.

Sell for: 19 UI CRB Coin Silver.png 10 UI CRB Coin Copper.png

Thicket Tier 2 FABkit is a FABkit. It is used to build a Thicket Tier 2 on player housing.


Thicket Tier 2 FABkit can be crafted by apprentice architects.



The schematic for Thicket Tier 2 FABkit is a variant of the FAB Kit.png [Garden Tier 2 FABkit] schematic.

Tech tree

Three Mineral Deposit Tier 2 FABkits, Relic Excavation Tier 2 FABkits, or Thicket Tier 2 FABkits are required to be crafted in order to unlock one talent point.

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