Toric Antevian

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Toric Antevian
Toric antevian.png
Title <Radiant Legion>
Gender Male
Species Cassian
Level 50 Superior
Character class Warrior
Path Soldier
Health 98971.2k
Affiliation Radiant Legion
Status Alive
Relative(s) Calidor Antevian (brother)
Companion(s) Artemis Zin (lover)

Leader of the Vigilant Church's military arm, the Radiant Legion, Commander Toric Antevian represents the best of Cassian humanity and is said to embody all of the Vigilant Virtues. Though lowborn by birth, the young human - the youngest ever to lead the legion - is admired and beloved by all citizens of the Dominion, who have given him nicknames like Vigilant Star and Toric the Invincible. He has now followed the emperor and the high sentinel to Nexus, where he leads the charge against the Exiles and other enemies of the church who infest the Eldan planet.

Forms of address

The Vigilant Star: The Vigilant Church has approved this name for Toric Antevian, and popular Dominion media use it almost as often as his actual title.

Physical description

Antevian is usually seen in public wearing the full armor and insignia due his rank, unless he is immediately heading into battle. When going into combat he wears more practical fighting attire that sacrifices decoration for flexibility and flash for functionality. He is in peak physical condition.


Antevian is the prototypical soldier. He has a simple, informal, and direct way of speaking and interacting with others, and his language and accent still carries the traces of the lowborn family in which he was born. That said, he is not completely without a rough, unrefined charm—and he is almost universally loved by his fellow soldiers and the Dominion citizenry.

Though charming in person, Toric Antevian never lets personal connections get in the way of combat decisions—for this reason, he maintains a carefully cultivated distance from those under his command, though they still feel he is one of them. He always strives to better himself as a fighter, a leader, and a symbol of the church, leaving him little time for personal connections (let alone romantic entanglements). Instead, he usually spends his downtime in weapons training, going over tactical plans for upcoming battles, or praying in the nearest temple.

Many who fight alongside him would be unsurprised by his efforts to keep an eye on his twin brother Calidor, as the two often find themselves working together to advance the church's goals on the planet Nexus. Yet this is more than merely protecting an important leader of the church—Toric, certain he will die on the battlefield someday, believes Calidor - a cleric of the church, but no warrior - is the future of the Antevian family. He will stop at nothing to protect him.

The most striking element of Toric Antevian's personality—and one for which he's widely known—is his strict adherence to the Vigilant Virtues: Strength, Courage, Justice, Knowledge, Purity, and Devotion. A true "holy warrior" in every sense of the word, he strives to live up to his incorruptible reputation every waking minute of his life. This effort has, in recent months, become complicated by an increasingly significant and undeniable attraction to the famous Dominion explorer Artemis Zin.


Toric Antevian was born to a lowborn family on the human homeworld Cassus. One of two twin brothers who were sent to serve the church at age 10, the athletic and agile Toric chose to follow the holy warrior's path and join the Radiant Legion, while his twin brother Calidor chose the more peaceful priesthood, entered training at a Vigilant seminary.

Toric sought instruction in every form of fighting known to Cassians, and studied under the greatest fighters on the planet. He learned brutal melee combat disciplines from battle-hardened Draken warriors, and advanced military tactics and strategies from the most decorated heroes of the Dominion military. From an early age, it was apparent that Toric was a quick study and an exceptional soldier - and when he became a full legionnaire, the was the youngest man ever chosen for the honor.

When Nexus was discovered, the high sentinel and the emperor both agreed to dispatch the Radiant Legion to serve as a shining example of Dominion purity and strength, as well as protect the interest of the church on the wild and unexplored planet. Toric became one of the first Cassians to set food on the planet Nexus, where he soon earned fame for his skills on the battlefield - as well as the moniker the Vigilant Star.

Soon after arriving on Nexus, August Toria, the commander of the Radiant Legion, was killed while protecting a traveling caravan of Vigilant high priests from bandits. To the surprise of many, Emperor Myrcalus selected Toric Antevian to command the legion, promoting him over the heads of many senior officers who were honor-bound not to dispute the choice. The young, lowborn human, more popular than ever, was now in charge of the mighty Radiant Legion, the holy defenders of the Vigilant Faith.

Toric Antevian has won many great victories for the Dominion and the Vigilant Church since arriving on Nexus. Antevian's prowess and leadership have led to rumors that the emperor plans to merge the church's Radiant Legion and the secular Dominion military, putting General Kezrek Warbringer's authority into question. But others, especially highborn human nobility, consider him dangerous because of his lowborn origins and his uncompromising beliefs.

Antevian has also been reunited on Nexus with his twin, Brother Calidor, now a leading missionary of the Vigilant Church.

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