Trampled Under Hoof

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Trampled Under Hoof
Location: Everstar Grove
Part of: Everstar Grove Tasks
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Though the Aurin people are unusually empathetic towards the creatures of the forest, Tender Choshi was stil unceremoniously trampled to death by rampaging dawngrazers in Mystwood Forest. A powerful force must be driving these normally peaceful woodland creatures to be so violently aggressive.

Quest Text

This Aurin's satchel contains food meant to calm the dawngrazers. Perhaps she was attempting to soothe the animals when they killed her.
Click Response: How ironic.

NPC Response

(spoken by female Aurin voice) This day is just terrible!
Watcher Ashealla: Poor Choshi! I told her to stay near the refuge, but she just had to tame those wild dawngrazers. That's it! Everyone stay in the refuge until the forest calms.


Tender Choshi can be found at coordinates -512, -3053, just on the east side of the main road.