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Vanity pets, also known as pets or companion pets, are non-combat pets that passively follow a character around. To summon a pet from a player's collection, open the Collectibles page and select the Pets tab.


List of pets[edit | edit source]

Pet Type Source
Anniversary Rowsdower.png [Anniverserowsdower] Rowsdower First anniversary reward
[Armored Falkrin War Vulcarrion] Vulcarrion
[Astro the Eavog] Other
[Augmented Buzzbing] Buzzbing
[Augmented Jabbit] Jabbit
[Augmented Ravenok] Ravenok
[Augmented Razortail] Razortail
[Augmented Rowsdower] Rowsdower
[Augmented Skeech] Skeech
[Augmented Spider] Spider
[Barkbiter Terminite] Terminite
[Blue Dawngrazer] Dawngrazer
[Blue Rockhorde] Rockhorde
[Blue Yeti] Yeti
[Bucky] Equivar
[Bumblebuzz] Buzzbing Drop: King Honeygrave
[Bytes] Other
[Carrot Sproutling] Sproutling
[Celery Sproutling] Sproutling
[Chompacabra] Chompacabra
[Chua-Enhanced Buzzbing] Buzzbing
Icon PumeraChuaAugmented.png [Chua-Enhanced Pumera] Pumera Account reward
[Chua-Enhanced Razortail] Razortail
[Coldburrow Sim-Warrior] Skeech
[Corrupted Eldan Probe] Probe
[Cotton Candy Rowsdower] Rowsdower
[Darkfeeder Hookfoot] Hookfoot
[Darkspur Chompacabra] Chompacabra
[Demonic Rowsdower] Rowsdower
[Dreg Patrol Scrab] Scrab
[Dusty Chompacabra] Chompacabra
[Dynamo] Splorg
[Eldan Probe] Probe
[Felitron] Pumera
[Fiery Stumpkin] Stumpkin
[Friendly Furrelope] Other
[Frosted Osun Warhound] Other
[Frosted Pumera] Pumera
[Fungus-Encrusted Snoglug] Snoglug
[Gold-Plated Eldan Probe] Probe
[Goldclaw] Spikehorde
[Golden Dawngrazer] Dawngrazer
[Goldspinner Spider] Spider
[Great Grey Gribbon] Gribbon
[Greensnout Garr] Garr
[Holoparrot] Vulcarrion
[Honeyhive Buzzbing] Buzzbing
[Howling Mountain Yeti] Yeti
[Ice Rexfang]
[Indigo Probebot] Probebot
[Indigo Spikehorde] Spikehorde
[Interstellar Fraz] Fraz
[Interstellar Frizlet]
[King Jake]
[Lavender Jelibolli] Medusa
[Li'l Beast] Dagun
[Lonely Lost Larva]
[Lopp Deputy] Lopp
[Lopp Hunter] Lopp
[Lopp Snowpaw] Lopp
[Lopprechaun] Lopp
[Metalbarb] Scrab
[Moodie Chieftain] Moodie
[Moodie Fighter] Moodie
[Moodie Slasher] Moodie
[Moodie Witch Doctor] Moodie
[Nightstalker Razortail] Razortail
[Mookie] Chompacabra
[Moonwalker Hookfoot] Hookfoot
[Moss-Covered Snoglug] Snoglug
[Nightstalker Razortail] Razortail
[Party Lopp] Lopp
[Pell Probebot] Probebot
Icon PinkSquirgSquishling.png [Pink Squirg Squishling] Squirg
[Present Proto-Probe] Probebot
[Purple Ravenok] Ravenok
[Radiant Dawngrazer]
Icon RadishSproutling.png [Radish Sproutling] Sproutling
[Rainbow Gribbon] Gribbon
[Razortail Impaler] Razortail
[Rocket Rowsdower] Rowsdower
[Rockhead Spikehorde] Spikehorde
[Rowsdower] Rowsdower
[Rusty Razortail] Razortail
[Samu-Samu Sim-Chieftain] Moodie
[Sand Dune Scrab] Scrab
[Savannah Garr] Garr
[Scorchwing's Hatchling] Vulcarrion
[Shadeling] Shade's Eve
[Sienna Pumera] Pumera
[Skeech Beastlord] Skeech
[Skeech Shaman] Skeech
[Slank] Slank
[Snow-Covered Snoglug] Snoglug
[Snow-Crested Rootbrute] Rootbrute
[Snowy Pumera] Pumera
[Spacefaring Dagun] Dagun
[Spotted Blue Jabbit] Jabbit
[Strain-Corrupted Buzzbing] Buzzbing
[Strain-Corrupted Chompacabra] Chompacabra
[Strain-Corrupted Fraz] Fraz
[Strain-Corrupted Frizlet]
[Strain-Corrupted Jabbit] Jabbit
[Strain-Corrupted Pumera] Pumera
[Strain-Corrupted Ravenok] Ravenok
[Strain-Corrputed Spider] Spider
[Strain-Corrupted Squirg Squishling] Squirg
[Stumpy] Stumpkin
[Tiny Blue Splorg] Splorg
[Torine Pumera Pridelord] Pumera
[Vind] Vind
[Vulcarrion Dustkicker] Vulcarrion
[Vulcarrion Scavenger] Vulcarrion
[White Dagun] Dagun
[White Mammodin] Mammodin
[Whitevale Pumera] Pumera
[Warpiglet] Other
[Yeti Abominabuddy] Yeti
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