Varonia Cazalon

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Varonia Cazalon
Varonia Cazalon.png
Gender Female
Species Cassian
Affiliation Vigilant Church
Occupation High Sentinel
Location Cathedral of Light

High Sentinel Varonia is the leader of the Vigilant Church whose devotion is first to the Vigilant Virtues and second to the Emperor Myrcalus, in whom she sees the soul of Dominus. A Cassian daughter of the highborn Cazalon family, Varonia's reign as High Sentinel has been marked by a resurgence in power and acclaim for both her family and the church - helped in no small part by the discovery of Nexus. She will do anything she deems necessary to protect the church, her people, and the virtues that guide them.

Physical description

Like many highborn Cassians, the high sentinel of the Vigilant Church appears younger than her years thanks to the trace of Eldan genes in her family tree. Her family, the Cazalons, are part of House Azrion, and she usually wears ornate attire suited to her office.