Vigilant Church Statue

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PROJECT: Vigilant Church Statue
Location: Ellevar
Path: Settler
Type: Project Project
Path XP: 25 XP
The location of the project.

PROJECT: Vigilant Church Statue is a settler project mission in Ellevar.


Collect Tithes and Offerings to help build a Vigilant Church Statue in Lightreach Mission

The glory of the church must be expanded. Help us build a blessed statue, Settler.


The completed project.

You have done well, Settler. Approach the statue and receive the blessings of the six virtues.


Settlers have to bring 80 "Lightreach Tithes and Offerings" (stack 5) to Builder Lana.


Completing the project unlocks the buff "Lightreach Virtuous Blessing" which increase health, shields and magic resistance for 30 minutes.

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