WANTED: The Canimid Problem

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WANTED: The Canimid Problem
Location: Galeras
Part of: Galeras tasks
Type: GROUP 2+
14 UI CRB Coin Silver.png 98 UI CRB Coin Copper.png
339 OPERATION: Galeras Reputation
Choice of:
UI Item Battle Boot 001.png [Gnarly Heavy Boots]
UI Item Battle Boot 001.png [Gnarl-Hide Punters]
UI Item Focal Boot 001.png [Crusty Canimid Slippers]

WANTED: The Canimid Problem is a task quest designed for 2+ people. It is obtained in Galeras by interacting with the board in ...


For the good of public safety, a reward is hereby offered for the death of the canimid alpha known colloquially as "Gnarls." Gnarls makes his lair in a large cave complex outside of Tempest Refuge.