WARRANT for the Darkspur Cartel

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WARRANT for the Darkspur Cartel is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Algoroc.

Lore entry

By order of Judge Kain and the Exile Judiciary, any and all members of the criminal organization calling itself the Darkspur Cartel are hereby considered WANTED for crimes against the Exile Accords.

These crimes include multiple counts of murder, slave trading, extortion, racketeering, kidnapping, blackmail, smuggling, bootlegging, production of banned narcotics, and conspiracy to commit all of the above. These charges stand against any member of this organization at any rank.

The Darkspur Cartel is a class 1 criminal syndicate with operations spanning the galaxy. In the event the suspected Darkspur Cartel member resists arrest, the law officer in possession of this warrant is hereby ordered and expected to end negotiations and immediately employ deadly force as soon as possible.

Executions are expected.

Judge Kain


This journal can be found in Gallow next to the dead peacekeeper at (4102.53 -1055.47 -3990.67 -128.64).