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Welcome to Secret Ops is a journal Zone Lore entry found on The Gambler's Ruin by Exile players.

Lore entry


Well done, Exile. Based on your general capacity for getting things done, the most powerful Exiles on the planet have called you up to the big leagues.

Secret Ops is the code name* for the Exiles' collective efforts to discover the fate of the Eldan, and learn how new discoveries on the home-world of the ancients - Nexus - will affect our society as a whole. You will work side-by-side with Exile heroes. The secret you uncover will be gathered studied, and analyzed by Exile Academy of Science (XAS).

Failure is not an option. Fate is handing us one last draw, and we need to make this hand count. The very fate of all Exiles hangs in the balance. Dominion citizens believe the Eldan ascended to godhood, of course, but we're more pragmatic. Perhaps the ancients up and got bored, departing without a trace. Maybe they had other place to be.

Or is there a threat out there powerful enough to kill the most advance species ever seen?

Unless we can answer these questions, and soon, we might have big trouble. Until we know why the Eldan did what they did, we will never know of the dangers -or advantages - their knowledge could bring us.

This world is going to be our new home. Let's make sure no one manages to tear it apart before we take over the lease. And if we find a weapon or ally strong enough to drive the Dominion back into space, you will be a hero.

Here's hoping it's a big-ass raygun.

-Professor Wellspring

*The Secret Ops Team is aware that announcing its existence makes it considerably less than "Secret," and does not need to be reminded again. It's the name approved by the committee.


This journal can be found in Departures Alpha at (-1040.57 894.62) and is obtained during the Mysteries of the Eldan quest.

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