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The strange Nexus plant called "whimwood" grows in massive stalks which are sometimes erroneously referred to as "whimwood trees." It resembles a gigantic, flowering plant with a long, green stem and a huge bulb structure sitting on top. This bulb is the source of whimwood fiber, which can be found floating in and around stands of whimwood anywhere it is found, such as the Galeras region.

Whimwood Fiber

Whimwood fiber is a peculiar byproduct of whimwood growth, and is found on floating seed structures that resemble fluffy balls of fibrous material. In areas where whimwood is farmed or occurs naturally in great numbers, whimwood fiber can be found floating everywhere, and it can be easily harvested simply by snatching the floating seeds out of the air. The tiny seeds at the heart of the fibers are of great value, as they contain a tiny core of primal air in concentrated form - a valuable substance that has seen many newcomers to Nexus take up the practice of whimwood fiber harvesting.