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Oversized insectoid carnivores native to Nexus, xenobites are a largely subterranean species that tend to live in large colonial groups. They are not a digging species, but instead prefer to occupy existing cave networks and tunnel systems. The typical xenobite is a bit smaller than an Aurin, and alone they are of little threat. But in large numbers, a xenobite swarm can skeletonize a large animal like a roan in less than an hour.


Xenobite Queen

Xenobite queens are imposing creatures, hundreds of times larger than their offspring and equipped with toxic venom that can kill in seconds. Their ability to float indicated to many scientists that xenobite queens can metabolize primal energy - which also allows them to employ defenses not usually expected from an insect the size of a shuttiecraft. When attacked, for example, xenobite queens are known to rupture the ground around them, knocking foes off their feet before they can react.

Xenobites and Skeech

Due to their shared preference for underground living space, xenobites and Skeech often occupy the same territory - the Coldburrow Skeech of the Northern Wilds, for example, share their caverns with at least one such colony, and possibly more. Xenobites tend not to attack the Skeech, leading many researchers to believe the tribal hunters have evolved a pheromone that causes the insectoids to see them as friends. For their part, the Skeech revere the xenobite queens, who they see as dark and terrible goddesses.